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In gratitude for my rewarding career of over 30 years as a classical singer, my energies are now focused on passing on my experience in the areas of lieder, oratorio and opera to

professional singers – soloists or choral singers
voice students
ambitious amateur singers.

In my opinion, classical singing is not an elite pursuit but should ideally be open to everyone.

In addition to my teaching at the International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein and the Kalaidos Conservatory, I give private private lessons.
Coaching will be tailored to your own personal standard and goals, with an emphasis on vocal placement, vowel modification, engaging the body, and onset. Then come phrasing, legato, style, poetic and emotional expression in the singing of lieder, songs and arias.
These aspects of singing can be individually practiced and worked on at any level.
You just need to have patience and be in touch with yourself.

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The best in music is not in the notes.

Gustav Mahler
Since September 2017 I'm a teacher for singing at the Kalaidos-Musikhochschule ,
Since October 2018 Lecturer for voice at the Internationalen Anton-Rubinstein Akademie in Düsseldorf.
There is the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized bachelor's and master's degree.
In addition, I regularly give masterclasses, such as at the Apeldoorn Masterclass in the Netherlands (2010),
at the IRCAM in Paris (2012), at the Karlsruhe master classes (2013),
since 2011 at the Swiss"Arosa Music Academy"
as well as within the framework of the "Herbstliche Musiktage Bad Urach" (2016).
In addition, I work as a jurymember at international music competitions,
e.g. at the 9th International Chamber Music Competition "Schubert und die Musik der Moderne" in Graz.

From 2003 to 2008 I taught as a professor of singing at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf.

My classes
I teach only in private lessons.
This will take place from April 2019 in my new studio at Schanzenstrasse 3 in Cologne-Mülheim.

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Feedback by students

About Christiane Oelze

  • Pia Davila, concert- and opera singer, Hamburg
    For three years now I’ve been taking regular lessons with Christiane Oelze. And I never get tired of them! Quite the opposite – I come away from each session inspired by an ever-growing fund of ideas for developing a solid technique, creative musicality and polished performance skills. What’s more, during a session with her my voice invariably discovers new ways to free up and enjoy greater flexibility. It’s hugely satisfying and exhilarating. With patience but a demanding approach, she knows exactly what I need to learn in order to progress and works through a carefully conceived plan for my development with great empathy and kindness. I am very grateful to have a teacher such as her to guide me.
    Pia Davila, concert- and opera singer, Hamburg
  • Daniela Bär, concert- and opera singer, Cologne
    Receiving voice training from Christiana Oelze was the best thing that could have happened to me. Through the exercises she recommends my voice has gained in flexibility, range and clarity in the shortest possible time. Hoarseness and strain are things of the past. Her immense knowledge of repertoire presents a continuous challenge that spurs me on. It’s great to know that with her support so many avenues lie open to me as a classical soprano. Her professional manner and warmth make my lessons with her a great pleasure.
    Daniela Bär, concert- and opera singer, Cologne
  • Kelly Poukens, concert- and opera singer, Belgium
    Christiane Oelze changed my way of singing in a special way no one else did before. With all her wisdom as a singer with a big carreer and as a human being, she is such an inspiration to work with. Her singing lessons are life lessons.
    Kelly Poukens, concert- and opera singer, Belgium
  • Thomas Schmucker, Brühl
    I’m very grateful that Christiane Oelze teaches not only professionals but also amateur singers like me. It’s been a fascinating journey since I took my first lesson with her. On the way, with much joy, patience and empathy, she has led me to discover my singing self. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to benefit from her unbelievable wealth of experience and her musicality, competence and commitment to music, and I look forward to each new stage of our journey.
    Thomas Schmucker, Brühl


Christiane Oelze

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